The Chemistry Set

Luke & Michael's Chemistry Set

Luke & Michael’s Chemistry Set is a monthly cabaret of improv, storytelling, comedy and alchemy. In addition to improvised stories from L&M themselves, there is an eclectic mixture of guest acts, assembled on the theme of catalysis and change. From stirring tales of personal journeys to grotesque capers of brain-altering oddness, Luke & Michael’s Chemistry Set is the perfect way to end your week and start the new one afresh.

The Chemistry Set happens at The Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell at 7.30pm on the first Sunday of each month, starting on Sunday 3rd March. The line-up will be announced as soon as it’s been finalized!


The Wilmington Arms
69 Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4RL


7.30pm on:
Sunday 3rd March
Sunday 7th April
Sunday 5th May
Sunday 2nd June
Sunday 7th July
Sunday 4th August

How much?

£5 on the door

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3 Comments on “The Chemistry Set”

  1. Georgina Bednar says:

    Can I join your mailing list?

  2. Lee Simpson says:

    Hi Luke,
    Couldn’t find a way to email you so am trying this.

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