Improv Story-Telling Workshop 28/11/13

I am teaching a workshop on the 28th November, 7pm to 9.30pm as a brief taster of my approach to story. It is only 12 of your earth pounds, 10 if you pay in advance. Only 12 spots.

Who is it for?

Improvisers with any amount of experience who want an introduction into how I approach story. This workshop is for people who love telling stories and want to practice that, or people who haven’t found a fun way to do that yet. I think narrative is about enthusiasm and invention, it never has to be about mechanical plot progression.

What will you do?

  • Practice telling stories with feedback so you learn more about your story style
  • Learn what to pay attention to in stories; emotion/motivation, action, and details
  • Experiment with story elements in scenes

What will you walk away with?

  • More confidence in understanding/telling stories
  • The perspective to take apart stories in your own time and see what makes them tick

About Luke Beahan

I fukken love stories.

This bit is a good taster for my approach because the About Me section is never about me, it’s about you.  I read this section when I check out a workshop for many different reasons. Sometimes I have never heard of the person and want to know if they are related to any big name institute that increases my confidence. Sometimes I am on the fence and I want to get an idea of their personality and if I would like them. Sometimes I’m reading the bio of somebody I know wondering what angle they are using to present themself.

So you are reading this for what? Security, reassurance, some kind of clarification, a phrase that resonates and persuades you, idle nosiness. A multitude of motivations mix around in us all the time and if you identify what you are looking for it makes decisions a lot simpler. So too in improv and storytelling, if you identify what is moving you early on it makes what you are doing more focussed and fun.

Real Details: I have been performing and teaching improv for 5 years now, I have studied at iO Chicago’s intensive as well as hoovering up all random workshops that come to London. I will lead you through some exercises, encourage you to reflect and identify what you want to do and then give you tips about how to do that. I will be enthustiastic. I love telling stories and playing them out through improv and think it is a learnable discipline.

Date: 28/11/13

Time: 7.00pm to 9.30pm

Price: £12 on the day or £10 if you pay in advance.

Location: Marylebone Gardens, 35 Marylebone High St, W1U 4QA

To Book: Contact me on lukeDOTbeahanATgmailDOTcom or 079 7221 2883


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