Narrative Improv Class with Michael Brunström

If you are an improviser, you may be interested in a class that I’m teaching in London on Saturday 29th June: “Making it Matter: an introduction to narrative improv”.

This one-day class will summarise a lot of the ideas and techniques that have inspired me over the last two or three years. My aim is to cover a large number of exercises, do a minimum of waffling, give everyone plenty of stage time, concentrate the fun and ensure that everyone comes away with something they can work on further.

There are countless wonderfully different approaches to narrative improv, so what do I mean by it? For me, narrative improv means making up scenes that are about human beings, rather than about ideas or things: scenes that actually matter. It’s a challenging but a rewarding and often hilarious topic, as there is a taboo associated with performing the relationships between characters. The more we can train ourselves to find and explore relationships, the higher the stakes of the improvisation, the more dramatic and funny the potential for performers and audience alike.

Pre-conceived story structures become less important when audience and improvisers are all on the same page at the same time. If improvisers are thinking ‘What needs to happen in the story next?’ then they’re not in the moment. By playing more truthfully in the moment, the story always takes care of itself, which is exhilarating and fun. A story can take place over the course of an entire evening, or even several evenings. Or it can happen within the space of a three-minute scene. Exactly the same improvisation skills are employed in both “longform” and “shortform” formats.

Tickets are only £30 for a full day (11am to 6pm). Book your place before 19th June for a special discount. There will be a maximum class size of 12.

Making it Matter: an introduction to narrative improv
Treadwell’s Books
33 Store Street, London
11am–6pm, Saturday 29th June 2013

Book your place here.

Michael Brunström is (with Luke Beahan) part of Luke & Michael. He also performs regularly with Story Bag and The Inflatables. He has taught narrative improv classes in London and Aberdeen.

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