Slapdash Festival of Improvisation 2013


The Slapdash Festival of Improvisation 2013 is now less than a month away.

Like mildly irritated motorists delayed by roadworks, every improviser in the UK will soon be slapping their dash. And there will be guests arriving in London from every corner of the improv rhombus, including:

Shannon O’Neill & Alan Starzinski from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. (I thought they spelled it “theater”, but I looked it up and they don’t. What’s that about?)

Andrew Stanton, Kaitlin Thompson & Robert Gentile from Philly Improv Theater.

Senja Meriläinen from Tampereen Improvisaatioteatteri Snorkkel & Jada Jada Improv in Finland.

Luke & Michael will be interviewing these guys, talking to audiences and event organizers, and giving their personal thoughts on inspiration, ideas and other items that are thrown up on and off stage.

But enough about us, what about you? What’s your take on the Slapdash Festival? What’s your favourite flavour of improv? What’s a location where two people might meet? Perhaps you’ve never seen an improvised show before and all this seems strange and unlikely. We’d like to publish your unexpurgated thoughts, photographs and artwork. Email us at

And dwell on this:



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