Luke & Michael’s Crazy/Busy Weekend

NEWS — Luke & Michael have a busy weekend ahead of them. This Friday, they will be travelling from London to Lancaster, county town of Lancashire, as guests of We Are Improv, kingpins of improvisation in the North West. After inspecting the castle, they will be performing a special show with We Are Improv at The Storey Institute.

The following day, there will be a series of workshops entitled “Bridge Building to the Improv Island” at Lancaster Steiner School – an initiative to bring together Lancashire improvisers and their cousins from around the UK. Both Luke and Michael will be leading sessions. The event will culminate in an evening improv jam involving all the participants.

On Sunday morning, Luke & Michael will brave the disruption caused by weekend rail engineering work, and make an epic journey back to London in time to host Luke & Michael’s Chemistry Set. In addition to improvisation from Luke & Michael, Joseph Morpurgo will be giving an early preview of his much-anticipated solo Edinburgh show. What’s more, Dave Waller, the former third leg of the “Dave, Luke & Michael” tripod, will be giving a talk about hiphop in Cornwall. It’ll be exciting and strange.

On Monday, Luke & Michael will sleep.


One Comment on “Luke & Michael’s Crazy/Busy Weekend”

  1. Rowan says:

    You forgot the bit where we all eat pizza and debrief!

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