If You Want to Write: Part Four

Putting yourself into your work.

“[T]o have things alive and interesting it must be personal, it must come from the “I”: what I know and feel. For that is the only great and interesting thing. That is the only truth you know, that nobody else does.” – Loc 749


For me there is a balance with performing and writing. I want to share my creativity and spirit, but I don’t want to tell people how things are. I want to share my experience, I don’t want to talk about myself.

The most interesting things to me about other people are their internal experiences. I think the same is true for an improvised character. If a character goes to the moon I don’t find it interesting unless I can see the character is excited or worried about it, then I wonder more about the character and I come along the journey with no effort.

The society we live in seems quite noisy and built on surfaces. Not many people seem to be interested in the viewpoints and experiences of others. We train ourselves to speak around difficult subjects and passionate dreams. We learn how to take ourselves out of our opinion.

I don’t see the point of that, keeping up old habits that move round in circles. That is why for me it has been a great learning experience to play characters that communicate from their heart instead of avoiding the moment.

I have found that in approaching improv by doing the things I was most afraid of and also most drawn too I grew more and so gained more confidence. In performing and in life as well.

So my truth is that I have been afraid of performing emotional scenes, and physical scenes. And by going to workshops on emotional communication and physical workshops I moved past the fear in to fun and gave myself permission to express myself.

What I want to pass onto you is that you are allowed and capable of doing the things you are afraid of. If you so desire to do them.


What do you think?

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