If You Want to Write: Part Three

Part One and Part Two.

Yes, well. Have a look at this:

“There are many people, you  can see, who consider worry a kind of duty.” – Loc 650

There is a place for critical insight and there is a place for experimentation, and the hardest thing for me to sort out when learning is what goes where. When I sit down to write do I need to have the outline done first to guide me, or do I need to have the wild formless inspiration first and then refine it afterwards?

There is no real answer. It depends. It depends on the project and it depends where I am at the moment I am working.

Likewise in improv I don’t think there is any definite answer to how to fix a scene, or make sure its good before you do it. Trying to make a scene good is a good way to make a scene bad.

None of this is really new to me but it’s easy to forget and get caught up in trying to perfect something.

There is another quote from the book, about a music student.

“She always practices and never plays.” -Loc 654

I think that’s a really useful way of looking at it. I have got the most out of experimenting playfully, even when I want to practice a skill if I approach it playfully I learn more.


What do you think?

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