Jimmy Carranne on Bad Shows

Jimmy Carranne, to whose insightful and inspiring blog I command you to subscribe instantly, has written a short but personal article about the misery of doing a ‘bad show’, and about the ensuing self-destructiveness that far outweighs the benefits of taking a healthy self-critical approach to your own work.  It’s brilliant:

“Bad Shows Still Suck”

All improvisers will recognise themselves in this article to some extent. Of course, it’s much easier to be aware of your failings as a performer than of your strengths, because you are at your strongest when less self-conscious. But there are no quick fixes when you get caught in a vicious circle, when dark feelings feed on themselves. If you have trained and built up a muscle that you use to beat yourself up, it’s not easy to train it to relax. I certainly need to do this. Nonetheless, I hope Carranne will appreciate that his honesty will be of enormous encouragement and comfort to a large number of less experienced improvisers. Knowing that even someone as accomplished as him can suffer a ‘bad show’ ought to give hundreds permission to fail gloriously.

Luke & Michael are continuously investigating the most useful and joyful ways to communicate feedback to ourselves regarding our good and our godawful performances. We will write more on this topic in the future.


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