What Makes A Good Improviser

There are many things that make a good improviser, but really there is only one thing.

What makes a good post-man? I don’t think its knowing everything, I think its the underlying attitude of treating his work with joy and seriousness. It’s wanting to make sure the right post goes to the right person, and knowing how important it is to so many people that they get letters.

What makes a good doctor? Of course having all the necessary knowledge is important, but I think that’s the entry fee. Knowing anatomy is what makes a doctor, what makes a good docter is a person who cares about her patients, somebody who wants to make sure everybody gets the care they need and deserve. Somebody who will always be learning.

What makes a good improviser? Well it’s just the same thing in my opinion. Knowing how to listen and being quick on the spot are all important, but they seem like the entry fee to being an improviser. Learn that then you can improvise. I think being a good improviser means caring about what you do and the people you want to do it with. It means being motivated to work with others. It means wanting to be in the now because that’s where the improv is happening.


What do you think?

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