ImproFest 2013

386648_503972422980791_1741297157_nImproFest UK have invited Luke & Michael to perform at this year’s festival of impro and sketch comedy at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town, on Thursday 28th February. You can read all about our show, and a special interview with Luke & Michael, here.

This is an exciting event for us, so please put Thursday 28th February in your diaries. We’ll be bombarding you with reminders nearer the day. In addition to the daily Facebook and Twitter notices, we will personally invade your life, following you to work with sandwich boards advertising the show and bellowing at you (and your family) through a megaphone outside your home. And when you sleep, we will haunt your dreams. Please do not mistake this intrusive behaviour for stalkerish vanity. In fact, we’d just really like you to come to our show, because it will be pretty amazing. But it will be much more amazing if you come, and incredibly amazing if you bring your friends. So if you enjoy this blog and would like to contribute to the amazingness of our show, you won’t get a better opportunity to do so.

The Lion & Unicorn Theatre
44 Gaisford Street
Kentish Town
London NW5 2ED

Thursday 28th February, 7pm
Tickets £10/£6
Book online here.


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