Mark Beltzman Classes for You

BeltzmanWe like Beltzman. He says and does the right things. So we’re recommending you kick off 2013 by taking one of his six-week courses. This is also your last chance to learn with him in London before he returns to the States. So what are you waiting for, you knucklehead?

Acting through Improvisation
2pm Fridays from 4 January
A class in how to explore and heighten, bringing real acting skills to improvisation.

Building on Autumn Class
7pm Thursdays from 17 January
Based around the ensemble created in Mark’s first round of courses this autumn, an opportunity to deepen your understanding.

Longform Improvisation
2pm Sundays from 6 January
For those new to, or less experienced in the artform, a class taking you through from first steps to a fully rounded show.

Longform Intermediate
2pm Thursdays from 17 January
For those with experience of longform improvisation, looking to expand their skill base and knowledge.

All classes are £195 for six sessions.

To book, email


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