Being Sexy

Chris Gethard answers a familiar question here:

His points are very valid, and he flags up one of the fascinating paradoxes of improvisation, which can be highly confusing. Telling an improviser that the way to be funny is to stop trying to be funny can be like telling a sprinter not to try to be fast. Huh?

I think of it like this: being funny on stage is much the same as being convincing. In order to be convincing, you don’t act “convincing”: you have to believe what you’re saying, and convey it with feeling.

Or… being funny is like being sexy. In order to be sexy, you don’t act “sexy”. In fact, there’s few things less sexy than someone pouting and gyrating as though they were on camera. Sexiness comes when you’re unselfconscious and attentive to your partner.

There’s much more to be written about the similarities between improv and sex. Our goal is for our shows to be ever more convincing: sexy, compelling and funny.



What do you think?

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