A Month of Luke & Michael

Today, www.lukeandmichael.com is exactly one month old. Look at the good things we already have. We’ve enjoyed every second of it, and intend to keep this website going until evriwan samting bagarap ded finis yeh taem (the heat death of the universe).

We love you like a mother, a good mother. The only thing we ask of you is that you share us. You can do this in six ways:

  1. Tell everyone you know about Luke & Michael.
  2. Invite your friends on Facebook to ‘Like‘ us, or to subscribe to our site via email.
  3. Host a ‘Luke & Michael’ party, and ask your guests to come dressed as either Luke or Michael.
  4. Print stories about Luke & Michael in your national newspaper.
  5. Skywriting.
  6. Fan fiction.

There are already plans to make Luke & Michael more beautiful, more effective and more enjoyable for you in the future.

Now let’s hug.


What do you think?

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