Eating Your Own Poop

I came across this great quote the other day. What is true of New York is true of anywhere (truedat).

“The point is, so many of you take so many classes, spend so much money studying so many different approaches, it’s important to be open to all of it so you can figure out what allows you to feel good on stage. It’s also really important to vary your creative experience. If all you do is improv, and all you study is improv and all you see is improv you are putting out what you are putting in. I call it eating your own poop. You live in new york city, don’t miss out on the balkan brass bands, and spoken word poetry and the moma and dance performances and rap battles and hippie warehouse parties in Williamsburg, don’t forget to go to rodeo bar and see rockabilly music and arthurs tavern to hear blues and the top of the empire state building at one in the morning in the snow. You work your ass off to live in this city, don’t forget that is there. Save a classes worth of money and take a class in an instrument, or drawing or tap dancing or fencing or printmaking or whatever. You already see the world through an improv lens, take that lens out into the world and look at shit with it. Grab a time out and go see something random, love it or hate it and then figure out why. All of that is going to help you figure out who you are on stage, and how you want to play.”
Rebecca Drysdale


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