The Best Improv Show Ever

Luke & Michael were at The Miller for the Impro Networking Event last night: meeting improvisers, plugging our website (hello!) and giving out free hugs. Michael was also waving his dictophone about, asking improvisers the following question:

“Imagine the best, most amazing improv show ever. And you get to be in it. Describe this show in just three words.”

Here are the answers he recorded.

Amazing, scary, beautiful.

Performers, audience: equal.

Super epic funtimes.

Energetic, inventive, funny.

Oh… shit… exclamation-mark.

Endearing, heartfelt longform.

Awesome, emotional, side-splitting.

100 people laughing.

Unpredictable, hilarious, inclusive.

Heart melting exuberance.

Moving, funny, authentic.

Mind melting fun.

Dickensian comedy romp.

Unbelievable, awesome, epic.

Urgent, absurd, short.

Flowing like smoke.

Unpredictable fun. Nudity.

Holy shit balls.

Luke and Michael (welcome brown-nosing).

Multi-layered, energetic, witty.

In the moment.

What… the… fuck…

Satisfying beyond measure.

Incriminating audience interviews.

Japanese cinema still.

It’s a great list, reflecting London improvisers’ ambition, heterogeneity and passion.

Why stop here? Go ahead and post your three words to the comments section below, or email them to Michael (only one entry per improviser, please!), and he’ll add them to the list. Share this page with your improv buddies, and together we can build it into a towering global silo of improv enthusiasm. Yes, let’s…

More answers:

Funny, touching, honest.

Joe. Mark. Bassprov.

Joyful, heartbreaking, real.

Surreal concentric circles.

Hey, what the…?

So much joy.

Smiles, laughs, freedom.

Awe inspiring magic.

The next show.

That’s made up?

“Was that scripted?”

That was scripted.

Yes yes yes.

Just have fun.

Opportunities fully explored…

I Love Improv.

Shared fearless commitment.

Made me feel.

Feeling. Fun. Failure.

Positively breaking expectations.

My cheeks hurt.

Risky group storytelling.

Giggle giggle giggle.

Really enjoyed it.


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