Chris Werren

O15309_10150099880940077_6274077_nn Wednesday 12th December, we celebrate Chris (‘Chrus’) Werren, an improviser and friend, who died on 2 September this year, aged thirty-two. At the same time, we’ll also be raising money for St Christopher’s Hospice.

1st Annual Chris Werren Memorial Gig Charity Fundraiser
The Miller Pub
96 Snowsfields Road
London Bridge SE1 3SS
Wednesday 12 December, 7.30pm

Tickets for this memorable event should be bought in advance, from here, as I cannot guarantee that there’ll be any available on the door.

I do hope the evening doesn’t run smoothly, although it will be almost impossible to replicate exactly the kind of inspired chaos he enjoyed. Not for him slickness and polish; he preferred the raw excitement of a bunch of underprepared maniacs playing shortform games above a pub. His principled refusal to treat improvisation as serious work was often both infuriating and inspiring. He could not be relied upon to provide a sensible, professional and organized approach to shows, but he loved impro with a fiery intensity. His honesty and artlessness on stage resulted in performances that were both technically brilliant and delightfully unhinged. As one of the most fearless performers I’ve ever known, his commitment was joyful. I can still hear his admonition in my ear: “Why hold back, Michael? Life’s too short, I reckon.”


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