An Audience Who Go ‘Oh!’

Last night, Luke & Michael did 15 minutes at Hoopla’s Crash Pad. Rather than do a miniature story, we did what we have sometimes done at The Wilmington Arms, which is to perform the first 15 minutes of a longer show. We establish some characters and relationships, and then dig down to see where they might be headed. After exactly 15 minutes of this, the lights are pulled, often tantalizingly mid-line.

As a mischievous teaser-trailer for our full-length show, it works a treat; but as a coherent performance piece, it’s not entirely satisfactory. Nonetheless, it is at least gratifying for us, in that split second when the lights go out, to hear an audible gasp – an ‘Oh!’ – from the audience. It proves that we did, at least in some small measure, create characters that people cared about and were sorry not to see more of. That is one of our principal aims.

Many thanks to our audience, and to Steve Roe and Hoopla for hosting us.


What do you think?

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