Luke & Michael on Stage

Luke & Michael will be performing a 15-minute slot at Hoopla’s Crash Pad this Wednesday at The Miller. Do come along. In addition to Luke & Michael, there’s a wide range of different improv groups performing. You won’t be bored. As I said here, I really enjoy the Crash Pad. The whole audience are wildly enthusiastic about improv, and Steve creates a terrific atmosphere.

I also really enjoy the 15-minute format. There’s no time to waste laying out needless exposition, or treading water waiting for a big idea to come along. We have to hit the ground running, laying strong foundations for character relationships from the off. What sort of thing will we do? I have no idea. In fact, there’s no greater thrill than allowing that thought to pass through me just before I step on stage: ‘I have no idea what we’re about to do.’ I want the audience to share that thrill.

Luke & Michael
Hoopla Crash Pad
Wednesday 28th November, 8pm
The Miller
96 Snowsfields Road
London SE1 3SS



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