Chasing the Dog

Look at this dog.

There is a dog at the office where I have been temping recently. She likes to be chased around the work-table, so if you look like you might play with her she grabs her chewtoy and stands near you until you go for her, then she runs off, stopping to check where you are.

Chasing a little dog called Molly around a work-table is the most genuine fun I have had at work, ever. She doesn’t run around on her own, because it’s not fun if she is not being chased, and I don’t run around on my own, because it’s not fun if I am not chasing her.

This is how I feel when I improvise. It’s fun to invent things and go off on tangents, but its much more fun to get endowed by an audience suggestion or fellow improviser. It is fun to do things on stage, its more fun to do something I know will make another character react. Playing other peoples’ games is fun.


One Comment on “Chasing the Dog”

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