So What’s This All About, Then?

Luke & Michael is an ongoing improv laboratory comprising rehearsal, experiment, performance, discussion and laughter.

More specifically, Luke Beahan and Michael Brunström are two improvisers from London, UK. The London improv scene is small and energetic, like a puppy. Its key strength is in its diversity. Every group has something different and distinct to offer. However, the public profile of improvisation is low, and attracting audiences is difficult. Nonetheless, optimism has never been higher than it is now, and the commercial successes of shows such as Showstopper! and Austentatious means that, for most London improvisers, it is a question of when, rather than if, our craft achieves wider recognition.

Luke & Michael have a couple of things in common. Firstly, we have similar creative goals: we share a taste for epic, layered narratives; we like brave emotional journeys; we enjoy being stretched and astonished, and we make each other laugh. Secondly, we both want to become better improvisers. We want to explore and fix our strengths and weaknesses. We do this by rehearsing together at least once a week, inventing new ways to play and drilling the core skills every improviser needs.

Above all, we’re passionate about improvisation. We love all of it madly. This site is not just for announcing performances, workshops and improvabouts, but for sharing and relishing in our enthusiasms, our investigations and our glorious mistakes. You are invited to join us.


What do you think?

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